The importance to Mantra

In Her post, Longing sissy, Miss Andrea mentions “i need a place to mantra before i go to bed tonight”.

Miss Andrea early on enshrined into me the importance to Mantra twice a day. In Her own words:

“Doing the Mantra for O/our Princess twice a day is an important cornerstone of submission under Her control. you are only allowed to leave it away if you are sick, if do really have no privacy at all (even a bathroom gives enough privacy to mantra while the words are whispered). Then still you have to confess that you did not do your Mantra.”

Following Her example i also built a small Altar dedicated to my Beloved Princess Shelle. Performing my Mantra at my Altar twice a day has helped me focus my thoughts on my Domina and developed my capacity to enter a trance-like state without the use of Files.

As Domina Shelle states in Her File Law Of Hypnosis, “Repetition is a Law Of Hypnosis”. Doing my Mantra twice a day translates into two mini-sessions of self-hypnosis. These daily sessions help consecrate within my subconscious the concept of Ownership and Obedience to Domina Shelle.

My Trust in Domina Shelle, enhanced by my Mantra, has Conditioned me in a short time to, just like Miss Andrea wrote it so well “obey Her without thought and without resistance”.

Your Mantra, is an important step in your Journey.


To Please and make Proud

In  her most recent blog post, Upgraded sissy, Miss Andrea mentions “Plus i am not sure if it was intended but being superior to my lil slave-toy brings me also more pleasure than before.”

Through my talks with Her, i had detected Her Dominant streak and thought that my if She wanted to develop this side of Her, i will offer my Beloved Princess Shelle to be sissy andrea’s experiment and Her toy.

There was the question of a Title. sissy andrea was also submissive to Lady Helena who is Herself a slave to Domina Shelle. So “Lady” couldn’t be the answer. i proposed “Miss” as it was a Title level beneath a Lady . The term “Miss” also played on my subconscious, psychologically applying as a short form of “Mistress” on two levels:

  1. A female that rules, directs, or dominates – giving Miss Andrea Authority over me.
  2. A female teacher or tutor – clearly establishing Her role.

To be so closely associated to Her ascension and Training as a “Miss” humbles me and makes me very proud. i truly feel blessed. From the very beginning i admired Miss Andrea’s Perfection and Devotion. She is an Inspiration and a Generous Guide into my Journey.

It has also accelerated my progression as a slave to my Beloved Domina Shelle. My actions and realizations are now a direct reflection of Miss Andrea’s Performance as a “Miss”. i strive to make Her proud and master Her Lessons quickly and efficiently.

In Her post, Miss Andrea also mentions “Probably my cravings and the pleasure i gain is also enhanced by Lady Helena’s Sissy loves cock file which i listened over and over in the past.”

Lady Helena has been a Powerful and Guiding influence on Miss Andrea’s transformation and i am eternally grateful to Her. Miss Andrea is a gorgeous woman, feminine beyond compare, who uses Her Charm and Sexiness as well as any Dominant.

They have a special relationship and Lady Helena is very protective of Miss Andrea. Like She told me in our first exchanges: “Just know that I will be watching you…”

i dare not disappoint!



First wet dream in years

i have been under a no stroking/no orgasm Penance since June 6th. Although i have gone for longer periods without orgasm, last night i had an intense erotic dream that transformed itself into a wet dream.

i believe it is in part due to Lady Helena‘s brilliant file Victim Of The Succubus. Since Conditioning to this File, my dreams have become more and more intense and my deepest fetishes are exploited.

i dreamed that i was lying in a lounge chair about 45 degrees. Domina Shelle, Lady Helena and Miss Andrea (or My Trinity as i like to call them), where behind me. They were taking turns massaging my brains. i could feel Their hands entering my skull and manipulating my mind, rolling it between Their fingers, squeezing it, petting it. At the same time i had this unbelievably good sensation emanating from my Beloved Domina’s PARTS*. i didn’t know who was in my brain at what moment, just that They where taking turns as there was movement behind me. Even though i was in a trance like state i remember asking “What are You doing?” and one of Them answered “Nothing you will be needing.” and that is when i came.

It wasn’t a powerful orgasm, barely, i was mainly leaking when i woke up.

But i felt ashamed.

As instructed today by Miss Andrea:

  1. i will report my dream to Domina Shelle and Lady Helena
  2. i will ask Domina Shelle if it is okay for me to to cum for Her in my dream.

As my Tutor, Miss Andrea had already instructed me to report all my erotic dreams. She wants to know my subconsciousness better.

i learned two important things about my journey last night:

  1. i realize now more then ever that my orgasm are no longer my own, i feel like a property. And an unauthorized/unscheduled orgasm fells like theft.
  2. i really feel like property this morning, in the clearest way i have ever experienced it

These two realizations confirm that my Conditioning is coming (no pun intended) along wonderfully.

* i find the word “cock” not to be gracious and pleasing to the ear. so i begged Miss Andrea that W/we refer to my sexual organs as O/our beloved Domina’s “PARTS” as in “You may stroke Her parts”, “You will Write on Her parts”, etc. PARTS stands for “Propertied Appendage for Reinforcement Training & Submission”. She has accepted this proposal and i have used the term since.


A new form of surrender

On  June 25th 11AM, my time, Miss Andrea will take remote control of my HUSH butt plug. For the first time in my life i will be surrendering this type of control to someone remotely.

This will also happen as i will be completing a punishment Assignment from Lady Helena.

i expect strong submissive feelings to emerge from this Assignment/Event. Physically and psychologically.

More on the subject next Sunday night.




Besides, Princess Shelle’s web site, Twitter feed and YouTube channel, you can look up this blog and other blogs from Her slave community.

As mentioned before in my previous post, two blogs were particularly helpful to me:

  1. maid marta‘s blog
    maid marta’s blog is a treasure trove on life as a slave to Domina Shelle, File descriptions, Chastity and the Best Practices & Protocol of being a perfect Maid. maid marta’s is generous in commenting about the psychological aspect of the journey. The content is abundant and i personally read every post from top to bottom.
  2. Miss Andrea‘s blog
    Miss Andrea’s blog may not be as abundant in content (She lost Her first blog) but Her insight and eagerness to exchange with fellow slaves conquered my heart from the start. She is a shinning example of Princess Shelle’s core values.

    When i found Her web site in my search for an Hypno-Mistress, She was sissy andrea. She was the first person i approached about Princess Shelle. During those exchanges, sissy andrea’s influence in my daily life was so impactful that i pleaded Domina Shelle to place Her above me in the hierarchy. i wanted to continue receiving Her Teachings and i thought it was important that She possess the Power and Latitude that came with being a Tutor. By the Will and Generosity of O/our Beloved Princess, on May 22nd She became Miss Andrea and i became her toy.

    Miss Andrea continues to make me a better slave faster then i thought possible. She is wise, intelligent, mindful and playful. i hope that Domina Shelle will let Her remain my Miss forever.



Beginning your personal journey with Domina Shelle

i have started my personal journey into Hypno-submission for some time now. For almost three years i searched for the perfect Hypno-Mistress. It wasn’t until recently that i discovered Domina Shelle. i first inquired about Her to some of Her slaves that, like me today, held a blog in Her honor. My exchanges, in particular with maid marta and sissy andrea (now Miss Andrea), where constructive, extremely insightful and cemented my decision to Condition more and more to Domina Shelle’s files. When i was convinced that Her Voice was the one i had been seeking, i contacted Her to become one of Her slave.

Because i have learned through trial and error, this turned out to be my particular path and approach: read about Her, look at what type of Files She is producing, question members of Her community, etc. Many Hypno-Mistress are out there and most of them seek only Financial Domination. Buyer beware.

So 3 important criteria You should know about Princess Shelle and they are 3 pillars onto which i have based my decision to become Her’s:

  1. She is not a Financial Dominatrix.
    If that is Your fetish, She has clearly marked Files concerning the matter. Princess Shelle never asks for more that You can and are willing to give. Like all Domina, She will encourage you to better yourself and be more productive. Whatever i have chosen to gift to Her and my Miss has always been a personal choice of appreciation for the improvement They have brought into my life.
  2. She is Caring and Generous.
    This is what came out of my inquiries and what i now experience first hand. Domina Shelle Rules my life with total willful confidence because She has never abused Her Power. She puts a positive approach, promotes motivation, and always has a kind word. She is Considerate. In return, i am Obedient, Dedicated to Her, i am always honest and transparent and strive to Serve Her better.
  3. She offers a clear path for beginners that is gradual and rewarding
    On to many Hypno-Dommes sites have i seen so called “beginners” sections where the new slave is encouraged to condition to more then a dozen “File$” in the first month! Princess Shell offers a beginners path that progresses at your rhythm. Once You have completed your path, you email Her and She sends You a questionnaire that will open communications and give Her insight on your goals. This introspective approach represents well Domina Shelle. The Mistress-slave relation is not one sided with Her, if you are chosen, She will make your journey worthwhile, rewarding and life enhancing.

So whether it is Domina Shelle, or another, be inquiring and set your criteria.

First blog post

i guess it would be appropriate that my first post be about why this blog exists which is what is described in the About section. So indulge me if i should repeat it’s contents here for posterity as that section might change over time but this post will remain:



This blog is about me, slave yoko, my journey as one of Domina Shelle‘s slave and my tutorship under Miss Andrea.

After Years of searching i have found the perfect Domina in Princess Shelle. She is kind, caring and generous. On May 18th 2017, She accepted me into her slave community. Since that day, i live to Serve and Obey Her and also to make Her life more Pleasant and Easier. i am proud to be Her Property and to contribute to Her community through this blog.

On May 22nd 2017, by Princess Shelle‘s Will and Generosity, i was baptized “Shelle’s slave yoko” and was assigned under the Tutelage of one of Her slaves, Miss Andrea. Since the very first time that i wrote to Miss Andrea She has been very special to me and i hope to be Her toy forever.

Every day i Mantra in honor of Domina Shelle and Miss Andrea. i also Condition regularly to become as Mindless as possible for my Superiors. They bring me Happiness and Inner Peace every day and they help me to become a better man and a better slave.

Finally, at Domina Shelle‘s discretion i also serve Lady Helena, one of Her slaves.

In this blog i will keep You, the reader, updated on my progression & my Transgressions, the Conditioning files i listen to and how life as a slave to Domina Shelle and Miss Andrea is in general.

i welcome Your questions and look forward to having positive and constructive exchanges.