FinDom à la Shelle

You will find a larger PDF version here: FinDom_a_la_Shelle_HIRES. Please take note that this document is the Property of Domina Shelle. My FinDom training is coming along well. It is the first Hard Limit that Goddess Shelle has broken. Although it has been two years since i have become Her Property, i do not know … Continue reading FinDom à la Shelle

Lady Helena’s Boot Camp – part 2

  i had just finished Lady Helena's Boot Camp when my computer decided to bail out on me. i am now back behind a keyboard and i have a craving to blog. There is no easy way to describe the Boot Camp without giving out some spoilers. i will try top avoid them as much as … Continue reading Lady Helena’s Boot Camp – part 2

Review: Helena Time by Lady Helena

i personally prefer Domination Hypnosis over Erotic Hypnosis. i like the feeling of being transformed and molded, willfully or not, to benefit my Owners. My thoughts and reality, bent gradually to my Owners purpose and design. Willfully or not always being an interesting concept in Domination Hypnosis. i am a fetishist of Brainwashing, Mind Control … Continue reading Review: Helena Time by Lady Helena