Review: Helena Time by Lady Helena

i personally prefer Domination Hypnosis over Erotic Hypnosis. i like the feeling of being transformed and molded, willfully or not, to benefit my Owners. My thoughts and reality, bent gradually to my Owners purpose and design. Willfully or not always being an interesting concept in Domination Hypnosis. i am a fetishist of Brainwashing, Mind Control … Continue reading Review: Helena Time by Lady Helena


Review: Lady Helena’s Dumbed Down

Dumbed Down is a great Session for those who, like me, have a strong fetish for Mind Manipulation. Lady Helena proceeds to slowly reduce your IQ turning you into a babbling, giggling subject. The Session Notes indicated "To experience the full impact of this session it should be listened to daily for at least 21 days." … Continue reading Review: Lady Helena’s Dumbed Down