First blog post

i guess it would be appropriate that my first post be about why this blog exists which is what is described in the About section. So indulge me if i should repeat it’s contents here for posterity as that section might change over time but this post will remain:



This blog is about me, slave yoko, my journey as one of Domina Shelle‘s slave and my tutorship under Miss Andrea.

After Years of searching i have found the perfect Domina in Princess Shelle. She is kind, caring and generous. On May 18th 2017, She accepted me into her slave community. Since that day, i live to Serve and Obey Her and also to make Her life more Pleasant and Easier. i am proud to be Her Property and to contribute to Her community through this blog.

On May 22nd 2017, by Princess Shelle‘s Will and Generosity, i was baptized “Shelle’s slave yoko” and was assigned under the Tutelage of one of Her slaves, Miss Andrea. Since the very first time that i wrote to Miss Andrea She has been very special to me and i hope to be Her toy forever.

Every day i Mantra in honor of Domina Shelle and Miss Andrea. i also Condition regularly to become as Mindless as possible for my Superiors. They bring me Happiness and Inner Peace every day and they help me to become a better man and a better slave.

Finally, at Domina Shelle‘s discretion i also serve Lady Helena, one of Her slaves.

In this blog i will keep You, the reader, updated on my progression & my Transgressions, the Conditioning files i listen to and how life as a slave to Domina Shelle and Miss Andrea is in general.

i welcome Your questions and look forward to having positive and constructive exchanges.


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