Beginning your personal journey with Domina Shelle

i have started my personal journey into Hypno-submission for some time now. For almost three years i searched for the perfect Hypno-Mistress. It wasn’t until recently that i discovered Domina Shelle. i first inquired about Her to some of Her slaves that, like me today, held a blog in Her honor. My exchanges, in particular with maid marta and sissy andrea (now Miss Andrea), where constructive, extremely insightful and cemented my decision to Condition more and more to Domina Shelle’s files. When i was convinced that Her Voice was the one i had been seeking, i contacted Her to become one of Her slave.

Because i have learned through trial and error, this turned out to be my particular path and approach: read about Her, look at what type of Files She is producing, question members of Her community, etc. Many Hypno-Mistress are out there and most of them seek only Financial Domination. Buyer beware.

So 3 important criteria You should know about Princess Shelle and they are 3 pillars onto which i have based my decision to become Her’s:

  1. She is not a Financial Dominatrix.
    If that is Your fetish, She has clearly marked Files concerning the matter. Princess Shelle never asks for more that You can and are willing to give. Like all Domina, She will encourage you to better yourself and be more productive. Whatever i have chosen to gift to Her and my Miss has always been a personal choice of appreciation for the improvement They have brought into my life.
  2. She is Caring and Generous.
    This is what came out of my inquiries and what i now experience first hand. Domina Shelle Rules my life with total willful confidence because She has never abused Her Power. She puts a positive approach, promotes motivation, and always has a kind word. She is Considerate. In return, i am Obedient, Dedicated to Her, i am always honest and transparent and strive to Serve Her better.
  3. She offers a clear path for beginners that is gradual and rewarding
    On to many Hypno-Dommes sites have i seen so called “beginners” sections where the new slave is encouraged to condition to more then a dozen “File$” in the first month! Princess Shell offers a beginners path that progresses at your rhythm. Once You have completed your path, you email Her and She sends You a questionnaire that will open communications and give Her insight on your goals. This introspective approach represents well Domina Shelle. The Mistress-slave relation is not one sided with Her, if you are chosen, She will make your journey worthwhile, rewarding and life enhancing.

So whether it is Domina Shelle, or another, be inquiring and set your criteria.


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