Besides, Princess Shelle’s web site, Twitter feed and YouTube channel, you can look up this blog and other blogs from Her slave community.

As mentioned before in my previous post, two blogs were particularly helpful to me:

  1. maid marta‘s blog
    maid marta’s blog is a treasure trove on life as a slave to Domina Shelle, File descriptions, Chastity and the Best Practices & Protocol of being a perfect Maid. maid marta’s is generous in commenting about the psychological aspect of the journey. The content is abundant and i personally read every post from top to bottom.
  2. Miss Andrea‘s blog
    Miss Andrea’s blog may not be as abundant in content (She lost Her first blog) but Her insight and eagerness to exchange with fellow slaves conquered my heart from the start. She is a shinning example of Princess Shelle’s core values.

    When i found Her web site in my search for an Hypno-Mistress, She was sissy andrea. She was the first person i approached about Princess Shelle. During those exchanges, sissy andrea’s influence in my daily life was so impactful that i pleaded Domina Shelle to place Her above me in the hierarchy. i wanted to continue receiving Her Teachings and i thought it was important that She possess the Power and Latitude that came with being a Tutor. By the Will and Generosity of O/our Beloved Princess, on May 22nd She became Miss Andrea and i became her toy.

    Miss Andrea continues to make me a better slave faster then i thought possible. She is wise, intelligent, mindful and playful. i hope that Domina Shelle will let Her remain my Miss forever.




2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. My sweet yoko, I am so very grateful that you encouraged (and urged) Me to become superior to you. I love the control over you as much as I love to train and perfect you for O/our beloved Domina Shelle! I am enjoying every single moment with you! Thank you sooo much for being My toy ♥♥♥


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