The importance to Mantra

In Her post, Longing sissy, Miss Andrea mentions “i need a place to mantra before i go to bed tonight”.

Miss Andrea early on enshrined into me the importance to Mantra twice a day. In Her own words:

“Doing the Mantra for O/our Princess twice a day is an important cornerstone of submission under Her control. you are only allowed to leave it away if you are sick, if do really have no privacy at all (even a bathroom gives enough privacy to mantra while the words are whispered). Then still you have to confess that you did not do your Mantra.”

Following Her example i also built a small Altar dedicated to my Beloved Princess Shelle. Performing my Mantra at my Altar twice a day has helped me focus my thoughts on my Domina and developed my capacity to enter a trance-like state without the use of Files.

As Domina Shelle states in Her File Law Of Hypnosis, “Repetition is a Law Of Hypnosis”. Doing my Mantra twice a day translates into two mini-sessions of self-hypnosis. These daily sessions help consecrate within my subconscious the concept of Ownership and Obedience to Domina Shelle.

My Trust in Domina Shelle, enhanced by my Mantra, has Conditioned me in a short time to, just like Miss Andrea wrote it so well “obey Her without thought and without resistance”.

Your Mantra, is an important step in your Journey.



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