To Please and make Proud

In  her most recent blog post, Upgraded sissy, Miss Andrea mentions “Plus i am not sure if it was intended but being superior to my lil slave-toy brings me also more pleasure than before.”

Through my talks with Her, i had detected Her Dominant streak and thought that my if She wanted to develop this side of Her, i will offer my Beloved Princess Shelle to be sissy andrea’s experiment and Her toy.

There was the question of a Title. sissy andrea was also submissive to Lady Helena who is Herself a slave to Domina Shelle. So “Lady” couldn’t be the answer. i proposed “Miss” as it was a Title level beneath a Lady . The term “Miss” also played on my subconscious, psychologically applying as a short form of “Mistress” on two levels:

  1. A female that rules, directs, or dominates – giving Miss Andrea Authority over me.
  2. A female teacher or tutor – clearly establishing Her role.

To be so closely associated to Her ascension and Training as a “Miss” humbles me and makes me very proud. i truly feel blessed. From the very beginning i admired Miss Andrea’s Perfection and Devotion. She is an Inspiration and a Generous Guide into my Journey.

It has also accelerated my progression as a slave to my Beloved Domina Shelle. My actions and realizations are now a direct reflection of Miss Andrea’s Performance as a “Miss”. i strive to make Her proud and master Her Lessons quickly and efficiently.

In Her post, Miss Andrea also mentions “Probably my cravings and the pleasure i gain is also enhanced by Lady Helena’s Sissy loves cock file which i listened over and over in the past.”

Lady Helena has been a Powerful and Guiding influence on Miss Andrea’s transformation and i am eternally grateful to Her. Miss Andrea is a gorgeous woman, feminine beyond compare, who uses Her Charm and Sexiness as well as any Dominant.

They have a special relationship and Lady Helena is very protective of Miss Andrea. Like She told me in our first exchanges: “Just know that I will be watching you…”

i dare not disappoint!




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