Review: Latex slave


Tonight i Conditioned to a second File Latex slave.

It was prescribe to me by Miss Andrea as part of my Training.  Lately, She has probed deeply pass my Fantasies and entered the Realm of my Desires.

While i knew i wanted to be a slave for my Beloved Domina Shelle, the form and purpose remained open. i was searching within myself which Fetishes and Skills were to be shined upon to best Serve and Pleasure my Domina.

For example, did i desire to be Feminized? Steered towards being a maid? What did i want? i knew that i had a deep Fetish and Desire to be Brainwashed, Molded through Conditioning and Repetition. But the end result remained opened and discussions with my Trinity (Domina Shelle, Lady Helena and Miss Andrea) brought no certain conclusion.

i wasn’t worried as such decisions take time and more in dept talks would take place at my Collaring and eventually my Contracting.

Then i began recently to Condition heavily to A Deeper Servitude, a File that ranks among my favorites (i will write about it soon).  A Deeper Servitude brought back into light my Fantasy about becoming a Mindless drone that Serves, Obeys and Protects without thoughts, hesitation or resistance.

Through, O/our regular correspondence, Miss Andrea slowly chipped away at this Fantasy and in the end wrote me a mail that hit my deepest Desires. i had a hands free orgasm when i read it. Her insight into my Soul was spotless, exhilarating and frightening simultaneously as W/we had identified my Path to Domina Shelle.

Tonight i listened to Latex Slave. i believe it was one way for Her to make sure that W/we had identified the right Path. The test was conclusive.

Latex Slave is one of those rare File Sessions where i stayed in a deep conscious Trance. From beginning to end, my mind became Blank but aware as every word from Domina Shelle entered my subconscious. The dept of the Trance was unparalleled. i was frozen in time, being erased and reprogrammed, encased in Latex. By far this is the best File i have listened to in regards to the Mindless drone Fantasy.

i will beg Miss Andrea to include Latex Slave as a regular file in my Training and i will beg my Beloved Domina Shelle to Bless and Enhance this path for me.


One thought on “Review: Latex slave

  1. I am so happy that W/we both identified this deep desire of yours My future Mindless drone y0-k0. you will become such a perfect obedient tool to serve O/our beloved Domina completely encased in pink latex, in a feminized form for Me and with a deprivation of all your human sensory… Mindless and obedient always & forever 😉

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