Communal creativity

Six hours and an Ocean separates me from Miss Andrea.

We all dream of meeting our Beloved Princess Shelle, or Lady Helena or, in my case, Miss Andrea. But we will probably never do, our relationship with an Hypno-Mistress is a long distance one, it is in it’s very nature. And we have chosen it.

But their are creative ways to bring each other closer.

Since i have become Miss Andrea’s toy and experiment W/we have begun performing once a week a joint Mantra.

i usually went to bed late Saturday nights, so W/we devised that on Sunday morning 2 a.m. my time, 8 a.m. Her time, W/we would do our Mantra dedicated to O/our Beloved Domina Shelle simultaneously.

As i performed my last Mantra of the day, She would begin Her day with Her Mantra.

This Mantra instantly became very special for me. Knowing that on the other side of the Atlantic, Miss Andrea was also kneeling at Her Altar, i feel Her presence during my recitations.  During O/our joint Mantra, it is also for me the occasion to whisper aloud my appreciation for Her Teachings, Her Guidance and Her presence in my life.

No technology involved but a sweet “Good Morning” email once i have finished my Mantra to which She responds by a “Good Night”. i go to bed in Her loving embrace, and She goes on Her day knowing that Her little slave-toy will be dreaming about Her.

i am grateful to Miss Andrea for this simple gesture that has brought U/us closer together.

Let us all get creative to bring our Beloved Princess Shelle’s slave community closer.


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