For Princess Shelle’s birthday

In my last post, i mentioned that we could all find creative ideas to bring us closer together from time to time.

August 5th, our Beloved Domina Shelle‘s Birthday, is coming up fast. And it seems to me that would be a wonderful occasion to test the waters on a communal effort and do something in Her honor.

In addition to our individual wishes and Rituals, since Her Birthday is on a Saturday, i would like to propose a joint Mantra in Her honor.

The event would take place on Saturday August 5th at 8 a.m. Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00) which is Domina Shelle’s time zone.

At the end of our Mantra, each of us could tweet:

#HappyBdayDominaShelle @ShelleRivers Just finished our Mantra in your Honor.

There would also be 63 characters left for a personal message.

So please send me Your feedback, if You like the idea, pass the word along.

And if you don’t usually Mantra, or if you are not part of Her slave community but would like to join in, you could still send a tweet at the allocated date and time with just the beginning (#HappyBdayDominaShelle @ShelleRivers) and your own special message.




One thought on “For Princess Shelle’s birthday

  1. I love your idea My lil toy ♥♥♥
    Furthermore I suggest to sing the Happy Birthday song for Her! If a slave isn’t a good singer he should begin to practice now … giggles
    Plus kissing a picture of Her sexy feet in Submission, Adoration and Love for Her would be nice.
    Of course every slave should write a personal Happy Birthday mail to Her as well.
    And nevertheless if a slave can afford it, Princess Shelle Loves to be spoiled with gifts on Her birthday 😉

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