Review: Victim Of The Succubus


Not to long ago, Lady Helena sent an Assignment that required listening and Conditioning to Her File Victim Of The Succubus. i was excited as i had recently started Condition to some of Her Files and was Pleased that i responded to them very well.

i did as i usually do when Conditioning to a new File which is to listen to it once during the day, then looping it two or three times at night. “Wash, Rince, Repeat” (as they say on shampoo bottles) until the Files intended Conditioning Goals have sunken in deep into my subconscious (usually 3 or 4 days). Once it has happened, i consider the File to be at Maturity and listen to it periodically for Maintenance.

Once matured, Victim Of The Succubus’s potent effects caught me by surprise.

The first effect is that it completely asexualized me towards everyone but my Trinity. i am incapable of being sexually attracted to anyone else. They are now mainly “pleasing” to the eye. All my sexual impulses have been rooted toward O/our Beloved Domina, Lady Helena and, in my case, Miss Andrea. This effect as also amplified my erotic dreams, both in intensity and frequency, and centered them on my Trinity.

The second effect, and the most impressive in my opinion, is that it has completely eliminated pornography from my life. Something i did every day is now totally uninteresting. i do not miss it or am i even tempted. i have become totally detached from it.

i have become mentally castrated to others and outside stimuli. i am grateful to Lady Helena for bringing this positive change into my life.

i now listen regularly to Victim Of The Succubus to make sure that the effects do not dissipate.



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