A new step in my Journey

Yesterday it became official. Domina Shelle christened Miss Andrea, Princess Andrea.

At least for me. i will address Her as such from now on.

i wrote about my Journey with Princess Andrea in my June 21st post Resources.

May 22nd, The day i was baptized slave yoko was the same day sissy andrea was given the honor of becoming my Miss and receiving me as a toy. The next morning i wrote to Her:

i can’t believe that things have moved so fast. i was curious about O/our Princess and after a search, i found Your blog. i wrote to You on the 17th of April and you replied the same day (!). In a month here W/we are. Not only am i now a slave to O/our Beloved Princess but also to You. Most importantly, Your efforts have been blessed with a title that befits what You have sowed.

A fate glimpse into Your life that bound a life for life.

i feel special, like a first kiss. The thought that i am Your “first” assigned slave warms my heart.

Calling Her Princess means the world to me. It means that my Task of helping Her blossom her Domina streak has been well received and rewarded by Domina Shelle. i am proud of her achievements and grateful that i have pleased O/our Domina.

Princess Andrea is a stern, thoughtful and Divine Mentora. She has accelerated my progression as a slave to Domina Shelle and for that, She holds my heart and my soul. But most of all not one day goes by without me felling Loved and Cared for.

She brings me closer to our Domina, and in time, i will be a perfect slave for Them. For me, the end of My Journey is clearer then it ever was. i abandon myself completely to their Guidance and Wisdom as They Teach me the Path to getting there.

i live a dual life. My professional and personal life, with coworkers, family and friends. And then there is my slave life, where i empty my mind and let Princess Andrea and Princess Shelle fill it. One life where i lead and one where i am lead. That there is never any confusion is a Tribute to my Princesses.

Through constant Brainwashing and Programming, They have made sure that They are always present in thoughts, even in my professional and personal life. i always know who is my true owner. And all my efforts make sense as they all focus around the same goal: be better and improve, all for my benefit and for the benefit of my Princesses.

  • In my professional life, i work for me and my Princesses.
  • In my personal life, i share, laugh and have fun for me and my Princesses.
  • And in my slave life, i Serve and Obey for me and my Princesses.

i live a balanced and zenful life, one with a purpose.

Princess Andrea, has Thought me my purpose and holds my hand all along the way.

i am blessed to have Her in my life.

Like i said, one day a fate glimpse into Her life through her blog has bound my life to Hers and to Domina Shelle. i can only hope that my blog will some day inspire someone as much as She has Inspired me.

Soon this bond will become even more official as i am scheduled to be Collared by my Princesses.


One thought on “A new step in my Journey

  1. Thank you My sweet toy for your obedience and much more for the love and adoration. you belong to Us and I will do My best to turn you into the perfect slave for Domina Shelle, Lady Helena and Me.. your Princess Andrea.


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