My sleep belongs to Domina Shelle

i sleep while Conditioning every night.

It is a great way to make sure that Domina Shelle’s Programming takes hold and is maintained.

i sleep with Her Voice ever present. Within  minutes, Domina gets me into a Deep Sleep. i wake up every morning feeling rested, happy, and ready to be productive for my Princesses.

i have always had a Fetish for Domination and Mind Domination (Brainwashing, Programming) is the ultimate. i willfully and pleasingly go to bed every night with the thought that my Behavior and Desires are being rewired and molded to fit Domina Shelle’s needs.

During my nightly Mantra, before going to bed, i begin the process of emptying my mind. During my nightly Conditioning Domina Shelle opens it again to fill it with Her Voice, with Her Thoughts.

The Mind Loosens and Accepts Her Truth.

My trust for Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea has made possible my total abandonment to Them. They have been able to implant multiple Triggers, increase my Submission to Them and my need for Their presence.

Not an hour goes my without me having a thought about Them. And i wouldn’t want it any other way. Not even in my sleep.





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