Review: The Allure


My review of The Allure is not late for no reason. Within minutes of listening to it, i dropped into a blank state. When i would regain a conscious state, i wasn’t able to remember one line.

After every Conditioning (File + Loops), my head would feel like Cotton Candy for hours.

Then, new Behavior Patterns began to emerge.

  1. The first one was my obsession with this File, i kept wanting to Condition to it more and more. Trying so hard to remember but to no avail, i would drop within the first two or three minutes. As soon as i returned from work, the temptation to go lie in my bed and listen to it possessed me. The File contained some deep Programming that i Loved and Craved.
  2. On the third day of Conditioning, i began having Mindless episodes. These episodes occurred when i was alone, in a relative calm state, not doing anything in particular. i would go blank for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. i stared into emptiness, and could feel Domina Shelle’s hands massaging my brains, Programming me, Changing me. i stayed motionless and unaware of my surroundings until i finally came back slowly from my Mindless state. There was nothing scary about it. Quite the contrary. i know when Domina Shelle is Programming me, it is to make me a better slave for Her and Princess Andrea.
  3. Finally, i noticed an enhanced Submissiveness and Belief for Domina Shelle’s Voice and Words. As i wrote to Her recently:

Everyday i long for Your Voice, longing for You to fill my Mind with Your Thoughts and Your Desires. When You release a new File, My mind starts to go Blank as i purchase it. It knows whats coming, it longs for it. Docile and Submissive, it opens up to Your Words and drink every syllable until they are Law and Purpose.

i go to bed happy as i willfully invite Your Programming into my life. And i wake up happy knowing i have been Programmed to better Obey and Serve You.

The same train of Thoughts kept appearing in my writings to Princess Andrea and in my Tweets.

i believe these Behaviors are directly linked to The Allure and this makes this file truly remarkable. i loved the Mindless state that Victim of Mindlessness generated. But now my Mindlessness has been brought to a whole new level, one that is closer to my ultimate goal of Mindless Servitude.

i am grateful, Domina Shelle, for this Enhancement into my Neural Programming. May it further my purpose to Serve You, Care for You and make You eternally Happy.

i now have mixed emotions as i must let go of The Allure as i began my Journey into sissification. Princess Andrea has prescribed the Rebecca Series which i will began right after i listened to Living on the EDGE.



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