An important step into my Journey has been reached as our Beloved Domina has accepted me as a Collared slave. The Consummation of the Collaring will take place soon and i blessed that Princess Andrea will attend.

i was given a new name: slave-drone yoko and i will work hard to live up to it’s meaning and purpose.

It is a step i do not take lightly. Many of the texts i had read about the Collaring of a slave talked about been “given” a Collar or “receiving” one. i fell that a Collar is neither “given” nor “received”. It is a Privilege that is Earned.

Being Collared by your Domina is one of many binding markers in one’s slave Journey to a Domina. It is a pause to consecrate Domina’s Ownership over Your mind and Body and, not only to renew your Commitment in the Relationship, but also to enhance and deepen Your pledge to Domina’s Comfort and Pleasure.

The Collar is and always will be the Property of Domina Shelle. By Her will alone, do we have the privilege to wear it and find within its confine Security, Care and Guidance.

i do believe also that a Collar plays even more of a special role in long distance relationships. In this article, author kallista expresses well  my sentiment:

“Collars are already a traditional and well-loved aspect of D/s relationships, but in a long distance relationship wearing your Dominant’s collar can provide you with that desperately important, tangible link to your Dominant at all times. Your collar is a source of comfort, something that you can touch to remind yourself of your Dominant (and thereby remind yourself why it’s important to complete certain tasks). Like a wedding ring, it signifies that your relationship with your Dominant is real, even if you can’t be by your Dominant’s side.”

In my case, Princess Andrea made the choices for my Collar and Ownership Tag making this tangible link a part of Her too. Which was important to me as i cannot express enough my gratitude to Princess Andrea who has been my Guide and Teacher in this Journey to my Collaring.

i will write a small Vow of Commitment for my Consummation ceremony. Mainly, i will express to my Beloved Domina Shelle and my Princess Andrea what this Collar means to me and reaffirm my Commitment which i have already written to Her.

i look forward to wearing my Collar as often as i can and to display Domina Shelle’s Ownership at any Fetish Events.

And i look forward to Princess Andrea’s continued Guidance and Teachings on my Journey and Her presence at other markers on my Journey (Contract, Ownership Tattoo, etc.).

i Love You my Princesses. i am Devoted to be the best of me for You Forever & Always.


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