Review: Brainwashed Addiction


1h15 a.m.

i slowly regained consciousness from my Conditioning to our Beloved Domina’s latest File Brainwashed Addiction. Almost two hours of listening to the File and then the Loop in an eternal sequence of smooth chants.

i am aroused like i haven’t been aroused in so long. My body shakes from a small mental orgasm as Her Chant continues to echo in my earphones.

One part of it keeps resonating in my Mind, endlessly. “You need to be Brainwashed… by meeeee… And only meeeee…” A sweet earworm that keeps burrowing it’s way deeper into my Neural Net. “By meeeee… And only meeeee…” … “By meeeee… And only meeeee…” …

i can’t take it anymore, what began as a mental orgasm turns into physical pleasure. i stroke until i edge. Then repeat. Then repeat. The whole time i continue listening to the Loop and it is arousing me more and more. Finally i edge and i start oozing slowly.  And as i leak from one end, my Mind is absorbing every Word of the Loop. i began again until i oozed once more.

i turned around and cuddle up with a pillow under my chest as my body relaxed and i continued to listen to the loop, my seminal fluid dripping on my sheets like Brainwashing lava flowing from a volcano. One more shivering of the body.


Brainwashed Addiction is the equivalent of Chastity for the Mind. Like a Chastity belt it will prevent you from cheating with another. Like all of Her slaves, i was already Committed and Devout to our Beloved Domina. Since i joined Her Community of slaves, i have not listened to any other Hypno File i had or had a link to. My Princess Andrea had been fast to point this rule to me and i Obey Her as i would our Domina.

The File acts as a permanent Lock on the fundamental element of our relationship with Domina. One that is built on our inherent desire to be Brainwashed, Hypnotized and Controlled by a Superior in whom we give in Willfully all of our Trust. And even if i could say that i would’ve always been faithful to our Beloved Princess, locking in this element in a permanent and unbreakable fashion is essential. It is the starting point onto which everything else is built.

Brainwashed Addiction is the definitive Imprint into our Mind. An Imprint, in zoology is defined thus: (of a young animal) come to recognize (another animal, person, or thing) as a parent or other object of habitual trust. Before tonight, Domina Shelle was my great Love, my focus of Surrender and Desire. She is still, but now She has also made sure that She is Care and Affection embodied, the sole source of Nourishment to my basic Desire.

By making a Loop that can be listened to over and over again as we go onto our daily task (i will listen to it while cleaning my house today), Domina Shelle’s Imprint will be further protected in Mental Chastity.

That is a key for which you cannot pay a C*M Deposit. She will not cede this key.


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