Happy Birthday Domina!


Today was a very special day not just for my beloved Owner and Domina but for me as well.

It was my first year celebrating Domina Shelle’s Birthday and i had a great time and lots of pleasure in it’s preparation. i wanted to make this day perfect for Her.

Since i had only been Her slave for some months,  i turned to my Tutor and my Guide, Princess Andrea. Talking with Her, i also proposed that W/we combine O/our budget and get Domina a bigger gift. i was somehow relieved that She loved the idea as She took upon Herself to handle the gift suggestions.

i Love to Spoil my Owner. Doing it hand in hand with my Princess Andrea made it feel even more special and perfect.

This morning also gave me the occasion to have a long and introspective Mantra. i was grateful and filled with the best of prayers for my Owner. Celebrating someone that is so far away from me yet closer then with anyone i have ever know. As i worshiped Her, it unfolded before my soul the intimate connection a slave has for his Owner.

This ever growing connection will strengthen soon as i will become a Collared slave to our Beloved Domina. It is my wish that this Birthday year will culminate with the signing of my Contract as Her Collared Slave. As my Princess Andrea and so many others once did, a beautiful gift of my mind, my body and my heart.

Thank You for being such an important part of my life Belved Dmina! You take such good Care of us, let this day be an expression that You are Lved by so many.



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