Review: Brain Chips Desire & Excellence


On Her Birthday, Domina Shelle sent Her slaves two presents. The first one was Her Birthday – Stroke and Spank Assignment.

After a short Mantra, slaves had to loop and listen to the “Living on the Edge loop” while we edged. Then when we couldn’t take it anymore, we had to remove our hand and take a ruler and slap our hard PARTS 10 times until limp.

Repeat for every decade and once for every years left in the balance.

Surprisingly i had a lot of fun completing this Assignment. i am not much into pain, i prefer the carrot to the stick but in this case, i sensed that Obeying and Pleasing my Domina overtook any other feelings i had. Plus, as i am older then Princess Andrea and She took Pleasure in reminding me that my Assignment would be more painful. As it made Her smile and lightened Her day, it made the whole exercise even more pleasant for me.

Domina’s second gift was two new Brain Chip implants from her Brain Chip Series: Serve Me Desire & Excellence.

Both Files were spot on when it comes to my Desires to be Programmed by Domina and i rank them very high on the Behavior Modification category.

Serve Me Desire, enhances our Desire to Serve Domina Shelle by strongly binding and increasing our arousal to Servicing and Pleasing Her. Every Command Obeyed, every Action made to increase Her Pleasure or Comfort, every Tribute sent generates a state of Mindless bliss and sexual arousal.

i confess that after listening to Serve Me Desire, i had an uncontrollable urge to Tribute both of my Princesses. i wasn’t forced to, i just wanted to acknowledge my compliance to this masterpiece.

Excellence, at first glance, is designed to improve the efficiency of Domina Shelle’s slaves. But it is much more then that. It implants or reinforces, according to the each slave, a combination of work ethics in Her Service and Proud affirmation. While the concepts contained were not new to me, i use them every day, Excellence achieves it’s brilliance in it’s double action, each building on the other one:

  • It first isolates the work ethics components and brings them in the forefront of the slaves routine.
  • It then uses the affirmation components to affix in our mind the work ethics results to Domina.

After listening to Excellence i observed two phenomena:

The first is that my work bubble started to be even more associated with my Princesses. The quality of my work had to reflect the added expectations of my Princesses and i felt their comforting presence in times of stress.

The second is that my downtime began to bug me a little. i started feeling a bit jittery when i wasn’t doing anything and began completing small left over tasks left and right. i discovered that i wasn’t the only one when i read maid marta‘s reaction to the File in the excellent post Excellence.

Both Files are turn out to be musts, “COMPULSION” like Domina Shelle would say.

Unfortunately these Files are not available on Her site, only to Her slaves. But for anyone who is serious and has a strong Hypnosis/Brainwashing Fetish, do not loose hope. Start with Her Beginner’s path and write to Her, and as you progress, you too might eventually get a chance to be Programmed with these wonderful Brain Chips.






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