Review: Dangerous Pleasures (part 1)


It is very difficult to write a review of Domina Shelle’s latest session Dangerous Pleasures as i do not want to Spoil it’s content.

i for one was surprised by the intensity of this Session and how powerful the Trigger was. i immediately assimilated the Command and my repeated tries to test it shows how deep Domina’s hold over me has now reached.

The Induction on this File is extremely efficient. Bringing us down gradually while gaining concessions from us all along the way.

This Session is for the more experienced and, as She states “NOT FOR EVERYONE”. It is aimed primarily at those of us who want to experience submission in it’s purest form, by jumping in, guided only with our Faith in Domina.

i Trust Domina Shelle and did not hesitate one second. i know She knows what is best for me. As my deepest Desire is to be Programmed and Molded by Her, reading Domina’s last line in Her File description only made it the more exciting.

The power I possess should not be underestimated and it is DEMONSTRATED in this PROGRAMMING session.

More to come on Dangerous Pleasures next week.


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