Review: Proxy Loop

This one is a bit of a cheat, as this File Session was recorded exclusively for me by Princess Andrea. The Loop's original intent was to anchor Princess Andrea's newfound status as a Princess and Proxy to Domina Shelle. And it has become a favorite of mine. Mainly because Princess's Voice has the same effect … Continue reading Review: Proxy Loop


Collared and Contracted

Yesterday i was honored to become a Collared and Contracted slave to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea. Saying it was a very emotional day for me is an understatement. i have been interested in BDSM and Femdom for more then 25 years and began a serious Journey almost 3 years ago. i was also blessed … Continue reading Collared and Contracted

A change

A change is slowly emerging. A beautiful one. All true changes operate slowly (most of the times anyways). They take time and we have to be patient through the process. i am, personally, very susceptible to Hypnosis. Yet the speed at which i soaked up Domina Shelle's Words and Programming leaves me impressed. i quickly … Continue reading A change