A change


A change is slowly emerging. A beautiful one.

All true changes operate slowly (most of the times anyways). They take time and we have to be patient through the process.

i am, personally, very susceptible to Hypnosis. Yet the speed at which i soaked up Domina Shelle’s Words and Programming leaves me impressed. i quickly integrated Her triggers and now Her very Voice sends me into a deep Mindless trance within minutes. i no longer have to listen 3 or 4 times to a File before the intended Command takes hold within my mind.

Even written Commands or Executable in an email, like assigning Proxy powers to Princess Andrea for example, become Law within me almost instantly. Princess Andrea’s very Voice and written words have the same effect as Domina’s.

Since becoming Her slave, Domina has Programmed new behavior and thought patterns within me (and authorized Princess Andrea to do the same). Being aware of them makes me even more subservient to Her power as i crave being Hypnotized and Brainwashed.

Domina Shelle has also manipulated my arousal conditions and levels.

For example, in the last months, i have become aroused when i send Her or Princess Andrea a Tribute, when i Obey a Command or even when they simply write to me that i have been a good slave/drone/boy/baby/puppy… And every week, the arousal level increases.

The most beautiful change i have observed is also one that makes me being a slave to Domina Shelle a sealed fate. Inescapable.

As most submissive or slaves, i want to Serve, Please, Obey. My end result in performing for my Domina and doing Her bidding was for Her Pleasure and Comfort.

As time progressed, through Domina’s Programming my arousal levels associated with these actions grew. Slowly but exponentially (in my case). As i performed for my Domina and did Her bidding for Her Pleasure and Comfort i began to feel aroused. Erections became more frequent and harder and soon, stroking and edging became associated with my acts of Obedience and Compliance. i lived (and still live) a great part of my time in a semi-erect state, constantly thinking of Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea and trying to finds ways to Please them.

A third stage has now taken hold, where performing for my Superiors is now my only source of pleasure. Like a porn addicted puppy, nothing else gets me aroused. When i see a picture and it arouses me, it is because i can put it in context of a fantasy involving my Superiors. i cannot disassociate Domina Shelle or Princess Andrea from any act that brings me pleasure.

i fell no urge to stroke or edge unless i perform for Them.

As i now realize that the only way for me to seek and obtain self pleasure, is to perform for my Princesses (Obeying, Tributes, Mantras, Conditioning, etc.) , i know that leaving Domina Shelle would be impossible. For months now and forever, every Pleasure will deepen my Servitude and Devotion to Domina Shelle.

It is what i wished, and i am happy.


2 thoughts on “A change

  1. Awwwh… yes Our HORNY lil good slave found its way to its destiny and on Monday that fate will seal when the collar snaps close and be officially Domina Shelle slave and My lil toy. I can’t wait to attach My leash to that collar to take My puppy out for a walk … giggles

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  2. i will be the happiest person when i become a Collared slave to Domina Shelle and Your toy forever and always, You and Domina Shelle have made me both a better slave and a better person. i will always Worship You both and look forward to see how You will transform me as my Journey continues.

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