Review: Blind Dominance


Blind Dominance is a File session that is well paired as a follow-up to Dangerous Pleasures (see part 1 of my review here).

After taking away our orgasms (until further notice) in Dangerous Pleasures, Domina Shelle now takes Control of our PARTS as i like to call them. In doing so, She uses the last pleasure She has left us (stroking) to reinforce the slave – Owner relationship we have with Her.

Domina Shelle begins by emptying our minds, making sure that we Focus only what She has to say. As we are deep into Her trance, Her Words become accepted Truths and Reality to our now defenseless and submissive minds.

And the Truth is a simple one: Only Domina can make your PARTS hard & only She can make you reach orgasm. Anytime you stroke, edge, or cum, Domina Shelle will be there, Her Voice echoing in Your mind.

For some time now all my fantasies now revolve around Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea. Blind Dominance makes this an undeniable Truth, a realization and a Loop of infinite Domination as every stroke reinforces our Blind acceptance of Her Dominance.


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