Review: Dangerous Pleasures (part 2)


SPOILER ALERT – If you have not listened to this session, stick to my review part 1.

Continued from part 1.

Domina Shelle takes further control of our Pleasures in this Chastity driven session.

The Command implanted is very simple: “Whenever you masturbate, the closer you get to cumming, the sleepier and the more submissive to me you will become

On my very first try, the implanted Command took over, as i got closer to the edge, i drifted away and fell into a trance. When i gained back consciousness, i realized the effect was both a blessing and a curse:

As i edged, my body became sleepy. i got into a trance until i got limp and the excitement sub-seeded. When i came about, i got so aroused by Domina Shelle’s ability to Control me in this way that i started over…! The more i tried, the faster and deeper the trance took over, taking me into a Mind-drone territory where the only thought i had was for Domina Shelle.

i felt warm and subservient, wanting only to Serve and Please Her. When reaching a deep enough level, my arousal would start to subdue and i would very slowly reemerge.

On the very first listen, i edged, went into trance and re-edged again multiple times.

i have since repeated the experience many times. i do not willfully try to reach orgasm. My Princess Andrea Controls all my Orgasms in Domina Shelle’s name. i would be disobedient if i did. i actually love the combination of pleasure, trance and Dedication. Simply put, the pleasures of stroking/edging brings me into a trance that deepens my Adoration and Focus for Domina Shelle.

One could say it is addictive, and quite Dangerous Pleasures





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