Review: P*ssy Obsession



During my vanilla years, cunnilingus was hands down my favorite sexual act. i had the pleasure of having a spouse who would love it for hours on end, ejaculating profusely with every orgasms.

With cunnilingus i began to understand my submissive nature and embraced it.

So when i saw Domina Shelle’s latest Session description i knew i was in for a treat!

P*ssy Obsession not only tapped into my inmost sexual preference but is also a masterful Session of Brainwashing, which just happens to be my inmost fetish preference.

This File acts in two ways.

  • First, using our imagination and complicity, Domina Shelle Brainwashes us into subjugation by associating it with pure ecstasy. She leaves us addicted to Her Brainwashing, wanting our minds to be enslave for life.
  • Secondly, She associates our veneration of p*ssy directly back to Her. From now on it will only serve as reminder of our inner most desires: slavery to Domina Shelle.

This Session left me in an aroused state for more the half an hour. Hard. Unable to recede my erection, as i began contemplating the though that when i perform cunnilingus in the future, it will have the added effect of enhancing my submissiveness and servitude to Domina Shelle, Princess Andrea and my future slave-Dominant* spouse.

My favorite sexual act, was now a tool to make me a more perfect slave.

*slave to Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea, Dominant to me.


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