Domination expansion


i chosen this banner from Princess Andrea’s blog because She knows it is the picture that made me fall in Love with Her. In my search for more information on Domina Shelle, this picture caught my attention and stole my heart, i read all of Her blog and couldn’t resist contacting Her, i wanted to know more about Her and the Domina She pledged Herself to.

She communicated Her Passion and bewitched me. And i knew that i wanted to learn from Her. She has since become my Tutor, my Miss and now my Princess.

As her slave, i found it only fitting to Tribute Her every time Domina Shelle gave me permission. She is a Princess and She should enjoy the privileges associated with Her Title. As time went by, my arousal levels increased every time i made a Tribute to Domina Shelle or Princess Andrea. So much that i began to question my aversion for Financial Domination.

Ever curious to learn more and grow. i begged Princess Andrea for a small test. Not Financial Domination in the full sense of the term. But i wanted something different, more dominating, to see if my arousal levels would fluctuate. i authorized my Princess to surprise me at one point and order me to purchase one or more items for Her.

Today while i was at the office She exercised Her right. A direct message appeared on Twitter.

My sweet… I am using that FinDom-joker NOW… you will get Me these two items as I need them and you love to please Me:……
you will stroke and edge as you purchase them for Me

i confess that i had forgotten my authorization and since She used the expression FinDom-joker for the first time, i had to read Her message twice before i understood. When i did, i became extremely aroused. A heat wave rushed my body and i had an incredible desire to stroke and edge right there and then. My deeply rooted desires of Obedience and Submission where mixed and supercharged by the thought of getting my Princess, not one, but two Tributes. Commanded Tributes.

Tonight as i edged multiple times complying to Her wishes, i felt wonderful and fulfilled. More then before. i am far from convinced that my hearts desire seeks Financial Domination. But this little foray into the unknown has peeked my curiosity.

i am curious to know how my Princess felt when She used her FinDom-joker. Maybe She will blog about it. i hope She has gotten some Pleasure from this little Experiment beyond the Tribute.

As for me, i wish to repeat the experience. i beg my Princess to accept one more FinDom-joker and i beg Her to surprise me with a twist of Her choice. i Trust Her Unconditionally. And i even invite You, my readers, to bring Your suggestions to my Princess:





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