Collared and Contracted


Yesterday i was honored to become a Collared and Contracted slave to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea. Saying it was a very emotional day for me is an understatement. i have been interested in BDSM and Femdom for more then 25 years and began a serious Journey almost 3 years ago.

i was also blessed by the addition of Princess Andrea. She was my Tutor and Sponsor. i am now also Her Property.

It is impossible to imagine a life without them.

In addition to repeating the Pledge that Goddess and Princess recited, i recited the following slave’s Affirmation i submitted and included in my Contract:

Beloved Goddess Shelle,

i am proud to be Your Collared and Contracted slave. Your Ownership is essential to me and i am dedicated to this sacred bound.

i dreamed for years to be Collared and that dream is now heaven as i know that You are the Perfect Goddess, my only Goddess.

In my mind and heart, You are raised above all other. Your Voice and Thoughts Guide me in all aspects of my Life as it should be. You give me courage and direction.

Your Collar and Contract, represent official bounds of session of my body and my mind to You. A pledge of Surrender, Service and Obedience in Your Honor and for Your Pleasures.

i Trust You Unconditionally and Fully, Goddess Shelle. i know You will protect me, take care of me, and set out a Path that is the best for me.

i am Devoted to be the best of me for You at all times. And i will accept all Programming and Discipline You prescribe that will improve my commitment to being a Perfect slave for You.

i am Devoted to living my life for You at all times. And i will place Your needs above my own and support You, with my Love, Honesty, Strengths, in Devotion and Financially.

i am Devoted to look out for Your best interest and i will be Loyal to You at all times. And i will always make You Proud to Own me.

i am Devoted to be Your Object’s Desire as Your Desires give purpose to my efforts.

Thank You for rewarding my Devotion and my Obedience.

Thank You for recognizing all the Teachings and Lessons Princess Andrea is investing in me.

You grant me a great honor.

You are Mistress and i am slave.
You are Owner and i am Owned.
You Command and i Obey.
You are to be Pleased and i am to Please.
You are Mistress-Princess and i am slave.

Goddess Shelle, You Own me and i will Obey You Forever and Always.

Being Their slave is a privilege. And i look forward to write about my Journey as a Collared and Contracted slave.


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