Review: Proxy Loop


This one is a bit of a cheat, as this File Session was recorded exclusively for me by Princess Andrea.

The Loop’s original intent was to anchor Princess Andrea’s newfound status as a Princess and Proxy to Domina Shelle. And it has become a favorite of mine.

Mainly because Princess’s Voice has the same effect on me as Domina’s and the Quality and Content are very Powerful.

Right from the opening, my Princess’s whisper “Obey me” is followed by the line “I am Your Princess” with a strategically inserted reverb echo that punches straight to my subconscious.

The File first establishes Princess Andrea as a direct Proxy to Domina Shelle. Obeying Her, Serving Her, Pleasing Her IS Obeying, Serving and Pleasing Domina Shelle.

What follows is a concentrated Brainwashing cocktail (the file only lasts 1:52 minutes) that Enshrines Obedience without Thought and Question, and creates an unbreakable bound between Pleasing my Superiors and my arousal and happiness.

After every key concepts, Princess Andrea demands that i repeat “Yes Princess Andrea” which i always do as long as i am conscious. With every repeat, i slumber rapidly into a Mindless trance.

i have played this File on an all night Loop many times. i always wake-up serene and docile, ready and seeking to Obey,  Serve and Please Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea.

Since my first read on Her Web site, my Princess has become a formidable Dominant. She has Tutored me into a better slave and a better person and continues to do so.

i love to experiment with Her and explore new avenues of Hypnosis, Brainwashing and Devotion.

i am privileged and cherish every moment that i am Hers, Forever and Always.



One thought on “Review: Proxy Loop

  1. Awwwwh… you are such a good lil sissy girl for Domina AND Me…. and I love the new dominant side of Me… without you I might never found it… Thank you My baby for being such a perfect submissive for your Superiors as you ALWAYS OBEY and PLEASE Us. Kisses My slave-drone


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