Happy Birthday Princess!


Today is a very special day. It is my Princess Andrea‘s Birthday!

i am honored to celebrate Princess Andrea not just as my Tutor and Mentora but also as my Owner.

When i signed my Contract with Domina Shelle, i begged her to include a special Addendum for my Princess. She accepted and on September 15th, i became their Property.

Shopping for my Princess Andrea’s gift was an amazing experience. i Love to Spoil Her and this time i was looking for something that would meet the three following criteria:

  • Something very feminine (of course)
  • Something that would appeal to Her Dominant side
  • And, of course, something original and unexpected
    > so “NO”, it’s not something made out of Latex, Leather, Rubber, etc. :-p

Once i found what i was looking for, i had the Gift and Budget approved by Domina Shelle.

Since it was something that was in a limited availability, i had no choice but to order it right away and the box was delivered to my Princess a month ago. i command Her for resisting all this time to open it. 🙂

i hope She will like what i got Her and if we are lucky, She will post a picture on Her blog in the next few days.

Just like for Domina’s Shelle birthday, tonight i had a long and introspective Mantra. i was grateful and filled with the best of prayers for both my Owners.

Celebrating Your kisses, Your hugs, Your humor, Your beauty, Your friendship… Your lve.
Celebrating Yu and the wonderful connection we share.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Princess.


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