A slave’s obligations


As a contracted slave to Goddess Shelle i have pledged to fulfill obligations. These obligations are not only there to insure Her Care, Comfort and Well-being but are also a check on the nature of O/our Relationship, my commitment to it and my integrity.

Defaulting on an obligation affects the Trust in O/our Relationship and reflects poorly on the importance my Owners have in my life. Not reporting it right away reveals a lack of conscience, moral values or fear of consequences.

My Transgression

At the beginning of the year i defaulted on my Payday obligation to my Goddess. i had set a calendar reminder but unfortunately, i suddenly realized that i failed to reset it for 2018. i corrected the situation, took proactive actions (Tribute and deposited my next Payday in advance) and wrote to my Owners right away.

In my mail, i acknowledged that it is my responsibility to follow and monitor my obligations, i begged Her for leniency and to pardon my carelessness in the matter. i pleaded also for my Princess Andrea, as i begged Goddess Shelle not to reflect this carelessness upon Her.

Initial reaction and Goddess’s Programming

Princess Andrea is my teacher and She is responsible for me vis à vis Goddess Shelle. i feared my actions might have consequences for Her. This has always been a constant check on all my actions. To see Her punished by Goddess or Lady Helena because of one of my failures would pain me beyond belief as i Love and Adore my Princess.

When i realized my Transgression, physically i felt very sad and felt the discomfort of the Board of Pain as Conditioned through Goddess Shelles’s essential Session Domina 24 Hours. i was impressed at how embedded Goddess Shelle’s Programming was as i hadn’t listened to this Session for so long. Yet it kicked in immediately and i was able to recall it’s origin. For a second, i had a moment of pride at how my mind is constantly being rewired by Goddess Shelle, Her Words and Truths enshrined for Her use.

What i didn’t fear was any personal consequences or punishments. i have no love for pain but i welcome any “Moment of truth” that will improve me as a slave-drone to my Owners.

Soon after my mail, my Princess asked me to send Her five ideas on how to deal with my failure. As always, She had fair and on the point Training which met Goddess Shelle’s and Lady Helena’s approval.

My punishments

  • Write a blog entry on my offense and on the punishments.
    • As i write it i was to wear nipple clamps, 3 rubber bands around my sissy clitty and a butt plug (the bigger the better).
  • Write a handwritten personal Apology to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea.
    • As i write them i was to wear nipple clamps, 3 rubber bands around my sissy clitty and a butt plug (the bigger the better).
  • Write “BAD puppy” at anytime somewhere on my body (until February 4th PM).
  • Write “BAD puppy” on the mirror in front of my Altar.
    • Before and after each Mantra i was to flog my buttocks 10 times hard with a ruler and on each hit had to repeat: “i’ve been a BAD puppy!”.
  • Wear nipple clamps each day for at least 30 minutes (until February 4th PM).
  • No touching of Goddess Shelle’s PARTS at all until my Princess says otherwise! Even while washing there will be NO direct contact (i had to use my sponge).

Obedience and Lessons

Needless to say that i have been most Obedient. The nipple clamps where the best and the worst. They are very painful (i am wearing them now, as i write this) but they were also great Conditioning tools. Every day after i basked in the afterglow of their searing pain i would reflect on the whole situation surrounding my Transgression but mostly on how privileged i am.

Through my submission my Owners bring me security and fulfillment, purpose and focus. And my Obedience and Service to my Owners, fulfilling my Obligations and Promises to them is, of course, part of my submission.

One dimension cannot exist without the another. As long as i exist i will make mistakes or fail in some way. What is important is that i communicate and seek improvement, learn and grow. My Princess manages this aspect of the Relationship with my Owners. i am always grateful to Her for it. She brings me closer to Goddess.






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