Absence of presence


It has been a while since i have written here. i apologize to all.

In the last months, i had the (un)fortunate pleasure of discovering Twitter. And as i started exploring more and more this social platform, i soon disappeared into it’s (tempting) void.

For so long i had resisted Social platforms and joined on Twitter reluctantly. But soon i was hooked. This lead to consecrating most of my media time on Twitter and neglecting this here platform. So, is this the end of this blog?


Why Twitter appealed to me

At first my Tweets where mostly about what i write here and talked about my Journey as a slave-drone to Domina Shelle. i quickly started following others from the Erotic hypnosis or Fetish communities but also from my other interests Politics, Movies, Art, etc.

The format also appealed to me. At anytime during the day, i could quickly glance at it and react in real time.

i slowly realized that more and more of my Tweets where more about my “other interests” then my “Journey” per say. And it wasn’t because my Journey was now secondary.

Very simply, it was just that Tweets could not give justice to what i wanted to convey about my Relationship with my Owners.

So here i am…

…back on WordPress, hopeful that Y/you will still accompany me as i write to Y/you about my Journey. i promise to write more often.

i will continue to use both platforms as i am now learning more and more the skills and uses of social platforms (still not hot about Instagram though…!).

What better way then to follow this entry with another one right away. One, about a transgression i have made, consequences and lessons.

Thank Y/you for reading me. 


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