Review: Paralysis-Carnal Desires


For a short file, only 31 minutes in length, Paralysis-Carnal Desires delivers an incredible punch. i became, unwillingly a desperately trapped victim of it’s power.

As i always do, i transferred the Session to my iTunes and set in in a playlist of one. All of my Goddess’s files are under the same album so, not putting it in a playlist would result in the next file automatically playing afterwards.

i put on my earphones and started to relax as Goddess’s Voice quickly guided me into a trance. Most of the time, on the first listening, i come out of trance at the sound of silence, not remembering much. In all cases i feel good, happy, knowing that some change has operated within me to better serve my Goddess.

This time however, i woke up to Her Voice. Somehow i knew that this was not the first listening. i realized that i had probably put the playlist on loop by mistake. No harm done i thought except that i couldn’t move a muscle. My whole body was immobile and felt like it weighted tons. The more i struggle to move, the more i felt like invisible restraints where exercising a counter-force ten times stronger. As i was still groggy from my trance and had nothing scheduled, i decided to relax and let Goddess’s Voice bring me down again.

As i began to emerge a second time, i realized that the paralysis was still affecting me. Again i tried to move but to no avail. i decided not to fight. The sensation was pleasing and engulfed me. Goddess’s Voice was soothing and caressed my mind. i quickly dropped down again.

When i emerge the third time, there was still no fighting the paralysis. At that point though i feared that most of my afternoon had gone by. i still couldn’t move and Goddess’s Voice was once more tempting me to follow Her into the downward spiral.

i used the logic that Goddess wouldn’t leave us defenseless and that in case of emergency our mind would permit us to exit the trance. It still took me a good 3 to 5 minutes before i was able to move enough to stop the Session. Looking at the clock, i had listen to the Session almost four times (a bit less then 2 hours).

i have since listened to the file again – making sure that in wasn’t looped this time 🙂

The trance is incredibly deep and i was able to better assimilate Goddess’s Programming. The Thoughts implanted through this Session are beautiful and are a structured guideline essential to better Obey and Serve Her. It is worth revisiting regularly.

As a personal experiment, one day, i will place this file on loop as i go to bed and see how long i can lay in its warm embrace.

One thought on “Review: Paralysis-Carnal Desires

  1. Great review. Like you i also use playlists to play Domina’s sessions (albeit on Android phone). And this is a very powerful session when You factor in the hypnotic bondage element so i’m not surprised you had difficulty breaking trance while looped. i’ve encountered the same issue myself with some of Domina’s other files. Nice to know i’m not alone in getting utterly lost in Her voice. 😉


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