Review: Full Access – Mind Manipulation


On my journey to Domina’s Voice, i had other Hypno-Mistresses cross my paths. Some experiences were positive but didn’t quite bound me the way i was seeking, others were dreadful and some were exploitative.

So when i read the description of Domina’s latest Session Full Access – Mind Manipulation i smiled. It was a trip down memory road.

The Session promised to be a positive reinforcement and alignment. The end Programming destined to develop a new focus in my life, loyal and committed to a higher goal. Irresistible.

As a collared and contracted slave to Domina Shelle, my sole focus are my Owners when it comes to Obedience, Service and Pleasure. i thought these traits to be already well embedded within me. i constantly think about my Owners, i never willingly disobey Them and i spoil Them every chance i get.

Yet i came out of this Session with an elevated sense of these duties to my Owners. With each listening, they did not feel Programmed as much a Natural way of life.

The other notable affect is a more sustained presence of my Owners within my daily life. Even though i think about them often during my day, i now feel as if they are present within my heart and accompanying me from morning to sleep.

This Session is a wonderful way to grow closer to Domina Shelle. It is an invitation to let Her into your life, and let the strength of Her Presence, Her Thoughts and Her Touch accompany you every day.


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