Review: Lady Helena’s Dumbed Down


Dumbed Down is a great Session for those who, like me, have a strong fetish for Mind Manipulation. Lady Helena proceeds to slowly reduce your IQ turning you into a babbling, giggling subject.

The Session Notes indicated “To experience the full impact of this session it should be
listened to daily for at least 21 days.”

Impatiently, i put the Session in an accelerated process, choosing it as my de facto sleep file. For more then 2 weeks now, this Session has looped into my mind.

So am i now “dumb” ? The answer, of course, is “No”.

While it it is called Dumbed Down, the Session is more aimed a reducing your guard. It is very effective at numbing your mind. Even when your are conscious, you are in a haze.

And that is where the fun begins. As Lady Helena implants a trigger that i can only hope will be used often and with surgical precision.

Until now, my personal experiences with Lady Helena have mostly been in the categories of Erotic Hypnosis and Hard Domination. i was mostly subject to Mind Manipulation and Deep Programming through Goddess Shelle while my Princess Andrea makes all the necessary daily reinforcements (♥!).

With this Session, Lady Helena has embedded an extremely powerful key that will enable Her direct access to my unguarded mind. Through the many months that i have been Their property, i have understood that my 3 Owners, Lady Helena, Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea work me in different ways. But always towards the same goal: be a perfect slave for Goddess Shelle. Now that Lady Helena has Her own personal access, i am looking forward in experiencing Her Programming.


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