Review: Helena Time by Lady Helena


i personally prefer Domination Hypnosis over Erotic Hypnosis. i like the feeling of being transformed and molded, willfully or not, to benefit my Owners. My thoughts and reality, bent gradually to my Owners purpose and design.

Willfully or not always being an interesting concept in Domination Hypnosis. i am a fetishist of Brainwashing, Mind Control and Hypnosis. i craved it before meeting my Owners. Everyday i always strive to find ways to do more for the Benefit, Care, Comfort & Well-being of my Owners. Their Conditioning continues to insure my efficiency, motivation and dedication towards this state of mind. As i constantly crave and desire to move the limit of this Conditioning i sometimes wonder “How much is of my own volition and how much is being motivated by my Owners Programming and Conditioning?”

That is part of what i love and seek: the mindful confusions. And, let us not forget, the occasional new behaviors that suddenly appear without remembering when they started.

For example, for some months now, every new Hypnosis file Session released by my Owners make me uncontrollably aroused and excited. i am eager to open my mind and perfect myself.

Lady Helena‘s previous Session, Dumbed Down was wonderful and delighted me with its more extreme content. Her latest one, Helena Time, while not as extreme, astounded me none the less.

The session starts with a very powerful induction to which i rapidly blanked out. But midway through, a phenomenal Mindless state takes over. i became conscious to a certain degree but felt my head completely empty, devoid of thought, eager to receive Lady Helena’s commands. i have rarely felt such perfect sustained Mindlessness. Repeated listening of the Session has confirmed, at least for me, this incredible experience.

Helena Time is a Session based on Trust, aimed at opening our Mind and to let Her establish Herself within it. Being aware while this process happens is a rewarding feeling that makes it all the more intimate. It makes Her commands and teaching easier to follow and obey. It also creates an amazing state of serene happiness that drives us to the Thoughtless, open and relaxed state i was talking about. Because of this, this Session has contributed to my Obedience and desires towards my Owners in a very unique way.

The best part, is that this Session makes a good starting point for anyone who shares my fetishes. Even if you are not a slave to Goddess Shelle or Lady Helena, this Session will give you a great reference as to what to expect in terms of quality and approach from an Hypno-Domme.

i strongly recommend this Session, may it be a guide to start your own journey.


Lady Helena’s web site

File Session Helena’s Time




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