Enter the Queen of Domination (update)


This week, my Goddess Shelle has granted me the honor of selecting this post as part of Her Written Story series. As my Goddess Shelle writes:

A STORY/ slave Journal FOR ALL. slave-drone yoko wants to share a personal story. One that is touching, thoughtful and gives some insight to one slave’s REAL life with his Domina Shelle, Lady H and Princess Andrea. slave yoko’s story is a part of My “My drones” ongoing training for continued transformation. Everyone will LOVE reading this slave’s JOURNEY of true heart felt Domination.

Her kind words touches me and encourages me in my writings. Thank You my Goddess.

You can now find my full Queen of Domination post here:


Here is a sample of my original post, now a Written Story.

[…] With their comforting presence, i continued to further my goals of Total Obedience and Exemplary Service. Goddess Shelle’s Influence is Subtle, Loving and motivates Passion. This Nurturing approach, combined with my Unconditional Trust in the Power She has over me, opens up my Mind, making it Malleable and Suggestible to Her Needs and Desires. When my inner Desires are compatible or can be influenced to Her Needs and Desires, they then become Thoughts and this Thought becomes Truth.

In my Mindless, Pliant state i Assimilated and Accepted Goddess Shelle’s Words, gradually being Programmed. A New Thought started to grow within me, ready for Activation if i so Accepted and Desired it. Step by step, The Files offered me the capacity to espouse further my predisposition towards Total Domination by reducing my insecurities. i Consensually Embraced the Cognitive Re-framing of my Thought. A Truth emerged : Ceding Control to my Owners felt Natural, Blissful and Expected. […]


Domina Shelle’s web site

Written Story Queen of Domination

File Session Queen of Domination

Lady Helena’s web site

Princess Andrea’s web site

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