Lady Helena’s Boot Camp


My Desire always has been to grow closer to Lady Helena and to earn Her praise. It pains me that i am not as close to Lady Helena as i should be. She is after all, one of my three Owners.

i am of course very close to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea. They both occupy an important daily presence in my life.

Goddess Shelle is the one who Re-frames my Conscious and Subconscious. Through Her Brainwashing, She is ever present in my Mind and influences me. Willingly, i let Her identify and eradicate Thoughts and Behavior that are incompatible with Her Plans and Desires. She is the one who has tapped into my Fetishes and Programmed me to Serve, Obey and Please Her.

Princess Andrea administrates Goddess Shelle’s authority on me on a daily basis. She is my Guide and my Teacher. She maintains my mental Discipline, making sure i am always worth Goddess’s Effort and Confidence in me.

Unfortunately my relationship with Lady Helena didn’t benefit with as solid an anchor in my daily life.

When Lady Helena’s Boot Camp was announced, i knew this would be the perfect occasion to catch up to my Ties and Obligations for Her. It unfortunately arrived at the same time as the events that kept me away from this blog.

Now, i am happy to announce that i will be taking place in Lady Helena’s Boot Camp in March.

i know that by joining Her Boot Camp, i am given the opportunity to Implant Her Interests, Pleasures and Expectations within my Thoughts. Just like for Goddess Shelle, my Mind’s Consent will also be Guided and Influenced by Lady Helena to Care and Please Her.

i know it will be harsh and difficult. Lady Helena expects only the best. But i am Confident.

Lady Helena’s training is firm and direct. Her Domination will give my Mind Structure and Comfort.

i am joining Her Boot Camp with the Willful Desire that She will Intensify my Craving for Domination, my level of Obedience and Discipline.

Thank You Lady Helena, for accepting me in Your newest Boot Camp.


Lady Helena’s web site

File Session Boot Camp

Domina Shelle’s web site

Princess Andrea’s web site

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