Lady Helena’s Boot Camp – part 2



i had just finished Lady Helena’s Boot Camp when my computer decided to bail out on me. i am now back behind a keyboard and i have a craving to blog.

There is no easy way to describe the Boot Camp without giving out some spoilers. i will try top avoid them as much as possible. It is one of those experiences that you must step into knowing as little as possible.

For one, Trust is a critical factor. The level of Trust you have with Lady Helena plays an important role in the success of your Boot Camp. If you trust Her as i do, then joining the Boot Camp becomes something positive and exciting to look forward to. If you are hesitant, then you need to continue your journey with Her, Condition more, until you feel comfortable and Trust Her unconditionally.

The second reason i would say is that each day during your Boot Camp, you must concentrate on the moment. Every day has its list of Instructions and Tasks. As you progress in your Boot Camp, the days become a long and logical buildup towards the Boot Camp‘s end goal. Knowing too much in advance would impede on this factor.

So, what can i tell You? 🙂

Those who have read my blog before know that i particularly love the Brainwashing fetish. Every day, i listen to at least one conditioning file from one of my Owners Domina Shelle, Lady Helena or Princess Andrea. And every night, i sleep with one file on loop. Some of those files tend more towards the Conditioning aspect and some more towards the Brainwashing aspect. But as we all want to Assimilate the newer files, we tend not to listen and repeat enough the Brainwashing files for them to be as effective as they could be.

The one true “100%” Brainwashing activity i had experienced is performing my Daily Mantras twice a day (an activity that my Princess Andrea made clear was crucial to my journey). After doing so for two years now, i easily get into a Trance that beats any Trance i had achieved through meditation. The Truths told in my Mantras have been long since embedded deeply within my Subconscious.

The Boot Camp is the pure fetish Brainwashing experience i had been waiting since i embraced my kinky side. i had often dreamed of such a transformative moment.

Like all Brainwashing, the Boot Camp breaks you down only to rebuild you from the ground up. Such an experience demands unconditional Trust, time and the desire to invest in yourself. As bad habits were eradicated, Truths where implanted within me, making me a better slave for my Owners. By fully embracing what They Desired, my slave life became clear, simplified and liberating.

Lady Helena’s Boot Camp is 4 weeks long, yet i came out feeling like i had received years of in-person training from a Dominatrix.

The level of retention from the Boot Camp speaks volume about it’s effectiveness.

My lifestyle is still centered around Lady Helena’s Boot Camp Instructions and Conditioning. For example:

  • i have lost weight, eat healthy and exercise every day
  • i am more aware of my Owners Needs and Desires
  • i am more submissive to my Owners, having a more inherent desire for their Control and Domination

Throughout the Boot Camp i have also discovered much about myself and my life with my Owners. i now know that this is the lifestyle i want and i would not be able to return to a vanilla life. But mostly, i had doubts as to how long  a journey without a constant or regular physical presence with my Owners could take me. i now know that this journey is without limits in its possibilities. And should i felt the blues of not living or sharing in-person moments with my Owners, They had the capacity to reprogram me accordingly.

The Boot Camp is a must for any slave who wish to grow as Domina Shelle and Lady Helena‘s property. Being collared and contracted before will bring you the discipline and a full understanding of Domina Shelle and Lady Helena‘s Generous and Kind Rule. You will discover, as i have that They do not exploit or abuse Their Control and Domination in your life. Even after such an intense experience as the Boot Camp, my Owners still instruct me to value my family above all.

i suspect that we each come out of the Boot Camp with our own personal experience. For me, The Boot Camp brought me an equilibrium between all the important people in my life, my goals and priorities, they are now like the complete puzzle of a maze where i am Guided by my Owners.







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