FinDom à la Shelle


You will find a larger PDF version here: FinDom_a_la_Shelle_HIRES.
Please take note that this document is the Property of Domina Shelle.

My FinDom training is coming along well. It is the first Hard Limit that Goddess Shelle has broken. Although it has been two years since i have become Her Property, i do not know when She has started working on braking this limit or if She is simply challenging us to go further and we ourselves eventually brake some limits…

A Hard Limit exist in part because we are either repulsed by it, know it can be destructive (breaking a law for example), lack of confidence in ourselves, lack of trust in our Dominant, or just plain fear.

Perhaps i have chosen (?) as my first Hard Limit to indulge in FinDom because in all my time as Her Property i have learned to Trust my Domina unconditionally. And in my definition of FinDom, trust is everything.

While i completely adhere to the principal that ones kink or fetish is ones personal choice and arousal, i honestly do not understand Fetishes that lead to the destruction of oneself. i will respect anyone that decides to turn himself into a money slave, paypig, moneypig, walletslave or other appellations of strict FinDom. After all, my personal fetishes may have zero appeal to them. Is one crazier then the other ?

What escapes me more particularly is the short term aspect of Findom in its purest form. i always imagined that a Dominant would want Her slave to maintain an optimal balance of physical, mental and financial health.

In my case, i have a very good job and Goddess Shelle already benefits from my earnings. Should She chose to “wallet rape” me, i would become for Her a short term transaction.

Her approach to FinDom, which i adhered to, turns me into a low risk, highly Controlled,  high return on investment. It is a win-win situation where i bathe in the excitement of FinDom and its arousing pleasure of Domination and where Goddess Shelle (and my family and myself) benefit from my actual earnings and, eventually, from my generous pension plan.

i have illustrated in the model above what i have experienced so far and my understanding of the next steps and evolution. Her approach always respect the slave’s limits and financial health, especially personal and family financial obligations, while maximizing Her Control and Domination.

i am presently at the stage where i judge to be comfortable with my Conditioning response and judge not to be at a financial risk. At the same time, Goddess Shelle, is testing my limits and responses. Should She agree with my analysis of the situation then  Goddess Shelle and i will determine if the present level of FinDom is to be maintained or increased. It is an aspect that can be reviewed at any time should my Owners Needs change or my personal situation or family obligations change. At a minimum it should be reviewed at the Contract renewal.

When Goddess Shelle’s Queen of Domination File finally broke my Hard Limit i wrote:

[…] i knew i didn’t want Financial Domination in the strictest sense of the Term and also knew that Domina Shelle would not accept to harm me financially or otherwise. i also Trusted that Goddess Shelle would not abuse the Domination She holds over me. While this new Mindset was ultimately Implanted with my Consent, She knows that Consent does not equate to harm or abuse and will continue to show the same Care that She has displayed within my life. […]

Since She has started to exercise Her knew FinDom power over me, Goddess Shelle has never left me to believe that She will abuse the Trust i have in Her. The only side effect? Experiencing some incredible new heights of pleasure! 🙂

Even Princess Andrea, wrote “[…] everyone who knows me better, does know that things like financial domination […] has a hard limit for me […].” But i suspect that my increased submission to FinDom has made Her smile a bit. For an increased submission to FinDom does make one’s slave re-evaluate and maximize his capacity to Pamper and Spoil his Owners.

FinDom will influence my Contract renewal with Goddess Shelle. i am presently writing a proposed Contract renewal that will include some aspects of FinDom based on the above model. As the years goes by and i believe Goddess Shelle, or Princess Andrea who administers me, will have review and say over my budget.

Goddess Shelle brings us the best of this fetish :

  • The arousal and the pleasure
  • The increased submission
  • The increased Control and Domination
  • But mostly, the chance to live it in a Caring, Trusting and Secure approach, praising our progress and integrating FinDom à la Shelle naturally within our mindset if we desire it.


Domina Shelle’s web site

Written Story Queen of Domination

File Session Queen of Domination

Princess Andrea’s web site




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