Lady Helena’s Boot Camp

My Desire always has been to grow closer to Lady Helena and to earn Her praise. It pains me that i am not as close to Lady Helena as i should be. She is after all, one of my three Owners. i am of course very close to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea. They both … Continue reading Lady Helena’s Boot Camp


Enter the Queen of Domination

i have returned after dealing with personal family and health matters. Everything is much better now. Goddess Shelle, Lady Helena and Princess Andrea Value and Care for Their Property. During that time i had Their full support and that made me feel Safe and Calm. i could not ask for more perfect Owners. Hypnosis and … Continue reading Enter the Queen of Domination

A change

A change is slowly emerging. A beautiful one. All true changes operate slowly (most of the times anyways). They take time and we have to be patient through the process. i am, personally, very susceptible to Hypnosis. Yet the speed at which i soaked up Domina Shelle's Words and Programming leaves me impressed. i quickly … Continue reading A change