Review: P*ssy Obsession

  During my vanilla years, cunnilingus was hands down my favorite sexual act. i had the pleasure of having a spouse who would love it for hours on end, ejaculating profusely with every orgasms. With cunnilingus i began to understand my submissive nature and embraced it. So when i saw Domina Shelle's latest Session description i … Continue reading Review: P*ssy Obsession


Review: Blind Dominance

Blind Dominance is a File session that is well paired as a follow-up to Dangerous Pleasures (see part 1 of my review here). After taking away our orgasms (until further notice) in Dangerous Pleasures, Domina Shelle now takes Control of our PARTS as i like to call them. In doing so, She uses the last … Continue reading Review: Blind Dominance


An important step into my Journey has been reached as our Beloved Domina has accepted me as a Collared slave. The Consummation of the Collaring will take place soon and i blessed that Princess Andrea will attend. i was given a new name: slave-drone yoko and i will work hard to live up to it's meaning … Continue reading Collaring