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Domination expansion

i chosen this banner from Princess Andrea's blog because She knows it is the picture that made me fall in Love with Her. In my search for more information on Domina Shelle, this picture caught my attention and stole my heart, i read all of Her blog and couldn't resist contacting Her, i wanted to … Continue reading Domination expansion

A change

A change is slowly emerging. A beautiful one. All true changes operate slowly (most of the times anyways). They take time and we have to be patient through the process. i am, personally, very susceptible to Hypnosis. Yet the speed at which i soaked up Domina Shelle's Words and Programming leaves me impressed. i quickly … Continue reading A change


An important step into my Journey has been reached as our Beloved Domina has accepted me as a Collared slave. The Consummation of the Collaring will take place soon and i blessed that Princess Andrea will attend. i was given a new name: slave-drone yoko and i will work hard to live up to it's meaning … Continue reading Collaring