Enter the Queen of Domination (update)

This week, my Goddess Shelle has granted me the honor of selecting this post as part of Her Written Story series. As my Goddess Shelle writes: "A STORY/ slave Journal FOR ALL. slave-drone yoko wants to share a personal story. One that is touching, thoughtful and gives some insight to one slave's REAL life with his Domina … Continue reading Enter the Queen of Domination (update)

Review: Blind Dominance

Blind Dominance is a File session that is well paired as a follow-up to Dangerous Pleasures (see part 1 of my review here). After taking away our orgasms (until further notice) in Dangerous Pleasures, Domina Shelle now takes Control of our PARTS as i like to call them. In doing so, She uses the last … Continue reading Review: Blind Dominance


Besides, Princess Shelle's web site, Twitter feed and YouTube channel, you can look up this blog and other blogs from Her slave community. As mentioned before in my previous post, two blogs were particularly helpful to me: maid marta's blog maid marta's blog is a treasure trove on life as a slave to Domina Shelle, … Continue reading Resources