Lady Helena’s Boot Camp – part 2

  i had just finished Lady Helena's Boot Camp when my computer decided to bail out on me. i am now back behind a keyboard and i have a craving to blog. There is no easy way to describe the Boot Camp without giving out some spoilers. i will try top avoid them as much as … Continue reading Lady Helena’s Boot Camp – part 2

Lady Helena’s Boot Camp

My Desire always has been to grow closer to Lady Helena and to earn Her praise. It pains me that i am not as close to Lady Helena as i should be. She is after all, one of my three Owners. i am of course very close to Goddess Shelle and Princess Andrea. They both … Continue reading Lady Helena’s Boot Camp

A change

A change is slowly emerging. A beautiful one. All true changes operate slowly (most of the times anyways). They take time and we have to be patient through the process. i am, personally, very susceptible to Hypnosis. Yet the speed at which i soaked up Domina Shelle's Words and Programming leaves me impressed. i quickly … Continue reading A change